Saturday, June 23, 2012

Check Out the 2012 WIDA Video Contest Winners

Several months ago I told you about the WIDA video contest and encouraged you to submit a video. Over sixty of you grabbed your video cameras and answered the call.   

Everyone who entered will be receiving a copy of the 2012 edition of the English language development standards.  The top four entries (which included a tie) will receive cash prizes and a scholarship for the awardee and a colleague to attend a 2012 WIDA Professional Development Academy

Watch all of the winning videos here.

This year’s winners are:

First place with a video highlighting the language of math in guided reading groups - Kara Lawson
I love how Kara acted as a facilitator during these class activities.  She also used the film as a tool to reflect on her teaching.  She even had her students reflect on their own learning and language use in class – I loved the chart at the end!

Here is what Kara had to say after she heard the news…

I cannot tell you how honored I am to have received your first place prize for the WIDA video contest! I am sincerely grateful for this acknowledgement.

My original purpose in creating the video was to share it at a December staff meeting at my school; one of my Instructional Resource Teachers asked me to reflect on my practice regarding increasing academic language use among all of my students, which has been a School Improvement Plan goal at Lincoln all year. I have been particularly tuned into finding ways to increase academic language use among my English Language Learners, as I've been recently studying for my Master's degree teaching ESL and am often thinking about ways to improve my practice to better serve my ELL students. I find videotaping my teaching extremely beneficial in guiding the reflection of my practice, and I was excited to encourage my colleagues to try it out too. I'm just lucky that I heard about your contest and the video I had already created to share with my staff fit within your guidelines. I am truly thankful for your honor, and I look forward to taking full advantage of WIDA Professional Development Academy opportunities…Please pass along my regards to the board and my sincere gratitude for this honor.

Thank you again!

Kara Lawson

Second place with a video featuring the language of science and sock puppets- Marybelle Espin and Sandra Nahmias
Who doesn’t like sock puppets! I love the multi-step process engaging all four language domains in a creative way.  Students researched online, created Powerpoint slides and a mock news report on tsunamis and wildfires.  

Third place (tie) with a video utilizing the language of math - Aggeliki Alimonos
This was a fascinating project involving tetrahedron kites, the language of math and eastern cultures.

Third place (tie) with a video showcasing the importance of shared experiences as a foundation for writing activities - Kari Miller 
What a wonderful way to use school experiences as a bridge to speaking and writing for our newly arrived students! The photos were a beautiful visual to accompany the students’ narration.  

Congratulations to the 2012 video contest winners!

Written by: Tammy King

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