Friday, November 16, 2012

Tips for Doing Transformations with the 2012 Amplification

Earlier this year I wrote about some of the new features in the 2012 Amplification of the ELD Standards.  I highlighted the new components, including the example context for language use, cognitive function and topic-related language sections. 

Since then I have conducted several workshops on transformations.  (For those of you new to the ELD Standards, check out these posts:  Transformations – Part 1, Transformation s – Part 2, Q&A on Transformations.)  I have been delighted to see that these same new features actually make it easier for my participants to do transformations.  So today I will be sharing some transformation tips. Some are my tips; some came from my workshop participants.

TIP #1:  Download the blank strand template.  Feel free to print it out or type right on the template.  Click here to download the template.  

TIP #2: Pull out Figure O (page 15) from the 2012 Amplification.  This is a wonderful tool to reference as you work through your transformations.

TIP #3: Don’t start with a blank page!  Instead, choose a strand of Model Performance Indicators from the 2007 edition or 2012 amplification that has a similar topic.  Then use that strand as a model for creating a new strand on that same topic but in a different language domain (e.g. if your model is a speaking strand, then create the related writing strand or if you start with a listening strand as a model, transform it to a reading strand).

TIP #4: Work with at least one other person.  This can be a cognitively demanding task so it is easier to do when you are bouncing ideas off a colleague.

TIP #5: Decide on where you want to start.  Some of my workshop participants found that they preferred to work in a different order.  Here are some possibilities:
  • Start by determining your “example context for language use” and then decide how you would assess that lesson.  Then start working on transforming the MPIs.
  • Determine the cognitive function and then transform the MPI strand.
  • Start with transforming the MPIs at levels 1, 3 and 5.  Then go back and work on levels 2 and 4. 

Written by: Tammy King
Image courtesy of woman with clipboard:
Image of ELD Strand

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