Thursday, July 25, 2013

Incorporating Blog Posts into Professional Development

A number of years ago I was in charge of a rather large ESL and bilingual program. I often struggled with ways to share effective practices, tips, and ideas with my teachers across our various buildings. They were busy people and I knew I couldn't add more to their plate. I am mentioning this to you because I was reminded of this dilemma recently. I was speaking with a group of educators, and one of them asked me some questions. Rather than bend her ear for several minutes, I referred her to some blog posts on that very topic. Soon a number of others asked for the links. They realized the potential of sharing these short blog posts with their colleagues. The conversation turned a bit and we found ourselves discussing the merits of regularly sharing relatively small amounts of text with our colleagues via blog posts, short articles, etc.

Teachers and administrators alike are extremely busy and short blog posts might be about all they have time for sometimes. So today I would like to gather in one place the links that I am asked about most often from this blog. I'll group them in categories. Consider embedding a link to one of these in your monthly staff newsletters next school year. Share links to some of your favorites (from this blog or others) in the comments section below.

Classroom Instruction and Assessment Tips
ACCESS for ELLs Tips
Tips for Working with Parents of ELLs


 Written by: Tammy King


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