Friday, November 22, 2013

It has been a blast!

When I heard WIDA was hiring a blogger two years ago, I was eager to throw my hat in the ring. I applied and was thrilled when I got the job. Since then, I have enjoyed learning about the amazing things that educators across the Consortium are doing on behalf of English language learners.

My first month on the job, only 681 people read a post. But this blog quickly took on a life of its own and has surpassed my expectations. Now, over one hundred educators follow the blog and countless more have subscribed by email and RSS feed. In October 2013, over 10,700 people visited the WIDA blog.

But the time has come for me to pass this blog project on to someone else. I will still be around, conducting workshops for WIDA and the Illinois Resource Center. I may even return as a guest blogger from time to time. However, I will no longer be blogging weekly. It has been a pleasure, and I hope our paths cross again!

Written by: Tammy King


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  1. So sorry to see you go. I truly enjoyed reading your blogs.